Layer By Layer Method

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Where to put your fngers

Speedcubes should be turned with fingers.For starting position, the left and right fingers are placed on the left and right layers resp- ectively. The right hand could have 2 starting positions, as shown in the pictures beside.

Upward rotation by right hand
Downward rotation by right hand
Turn to the left by right index finger
Turn to the right by left index finger
Downward rotation by right index finger
Upward rotation by right thumb
Speed cube algorithms are represented by capital letters, numbers and ['].Each symbol represents rotation.Rules are as follows:

Build a white cross

The side colors of the cross should
the color of the center pieces
Find these edge pieces with the following colors white red, white blue, white orange, white green and ignorethosewithoutwhite The diagram below indicates different situations findthe matchedcaseandexecutethemovem- ent according to it, in order to put the white side next to the yellow center.
  • Case1
  • Case2
  • Case3

The gray represents the unnecessary part in this step

The translucent area rep-resents the final position af-terexecuting the movemen

If there's already white edge on the top layer, hide it first and then keep solving forthe Cross

Turn the top layerto match every cross piece one by one, turn 180° to matched down white center pieces. Repeatthis step until all the cross pieces are in the right place.

Cross is actually pretty easy. if you can solve one side you can solve cross too. Do brainstorming:)


Solve the four corners

The whole white side will solve, and the sides will be,T-shaped upslde down.
Find white corner pieces at the to player,and put that corner on top of the matched position. In this example, the white red blue corner is matching with the red and blue centers.
Execute the right algorithm according to the situations shown in the diagram below.
Repeat this step until all four corners are solved.

If there are no white corner pieces in the top layer, then execute RU'R' or RUR'. Like this case, the green orange white corner piece will place on the top side. After executing the algorithm, it could be solved by following the instruction


Solve the four middle edge pieces

The first two layers will be solved.
Find the edge which is not with yellow, and match its side color
Execute the right algorithm according to the situations shown in the diagram below.
Repeat this step until two layers will be solved.

If there are no right pieces in the top layer execute the above algorithms in this step, like (R'F'RU)(RU'R'F)
Like this case, the green orange edge will replace bythe top layer, and then follow the instruction to solve

The ( ) in the algorithm only contributes with better fingetricks, and helps with the memorization, which will not affect the turning ofthe algorithm.


Adjust the four top edges' side

It will build up a yellow cross on the top layer.

This step only requires the yellow side ofthe top , the othersides could be ignored.

There are only four cases in this step, which execute the Algorithm 6 once wil I transform to the next case, until the yellow cross is done.


Adjust the four top corners' side

The whale yellow side will be salved.

The diagram is vertical view, and the yellow bars represent the vel low pieces on the sides.

Focus on top side, and there are 7 cases fortotal. The caseswhich only have one yellow corneron the top side just need to execute the algorithm once.

(R U2)(R' U'R U'R')

(R U R'U)(R U2 R')

The other 5 cases require two algorithms7.


Algorithm7+ U'




The top side will be solved.

Make sure to adjust to the right position before executing the algorithm.

In Step4/5/7, ifthefirsttwo layerswas solved, the case is not included in the instruction, such as eight yellow pieces on the Cop side, oronly two edges need to switch.
These situations indicatethatthe cube is assembled in-correctly, which have to reassemble to the solved state.

CFOP's algorithms areway more than the beginner method, exceptfor the Cross. Cross does not really need algorithms, as itcan be solved byexperience within 8 steps.

In CFOP ,the F2L ( First Two Layers) combines Stel2 and 3, which a pairofcornerand edge can be doneby only one algorithm, with twice efficiency.

CFOP can directly solve the cases in Step 4 by only one algorithm OLLcombines Step 4 and 5, and PLL combines Step 6 and 7, efficient by 200%.


Permute the four corners

All the corners will be solved
Find the corners with the same color on the sides, and then execute Algorithm 9. If all the corners are placed correctly, then skip to Step 3.
If none of the corners are placed correctly, execute Algorithm 9 once, and look for a pair of the corner, then executeAlgorithm 9 once again.
Match the corners with the color of the first 2 layers bydoing U layermove

The principle of Algorithm 9 is exchange the position of left and right rear comers.

Pay attention to the direction of L and L.


Permute the four edges

You will conquervour Rubik's Cube all sixsidesl!

The diagram is vertical view. The arrows represent the moving direction of the edge pieces, and the black bars representthe same-colored pieces.

M is the movement of middle could be done by either index finger or ring finger pushing. M'could be done by ring finger move

M'2 U M U2 M' U M'2




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