Have a big play
Make more progress

Boost charging
speed by 100%,

in 1.5 hours

2.5 times
longer lifetime,

over 50,000 games

1.2 times standby
time than before,

for nearly 60 days

Data source: The above is the average data tested by GAN standard laboratory,
there may be slight differences in reality.

Take a turn,
and wake it up.

in an upgraded way!
Turn the white side back
and forth once.
You can instantly wake it up,
fast and effective.

Charged or not
Tell at a glance!

New charging indicator
When the light is flashing,
it's being charged;
If the light is always on,
it's fully charged.

Cube Station APP

Instant Reconstruct.
Solving analysis

AI Teaching

Play Games for fun.
Start Cubing with ease

AI Solving

Instant Animation.
Guide step by step


Detailed analysis.
Make progress everyday

Global battle

Friends Match Globally

Intelligent timer

Precise by milliseconds
Real and convenient Real-time

Smart motion recorder

Rotating State.
Instant Capture

Long Durance

Charge once,
last for 5 days

Pro Speed

GES+/Magnet capsules
/High corner-cutting performance

Mastering Speedcubes,
solving fast and coolly

It has outstanding speedcube performance,
and it also supports AI teaching/Solving functions,
in the Cube Station APP. Even beginners can easily master;
Additionally, it can help you with speed-up training.
You can also battle with your friends all around the world,
to beat or to be beaten. Cooler than ever, have a big play!

The 4 Smart Modes can assisted
you from a beginner to an exper
AI Teaching

Play and complete missions
Soon you will get the hang of it

The complicated algorithms are transformed into games that
gives endless joy. Each game ends you'll get endless joy.
The difficult puzzle for getting started now becomes an easy thing.

s easy
Playing cool games, mastering algorithms, is so easy!

Cubing stories , get them instantly

Learn basic finger tricks, turn more like a pro
AI Solving
Ordinary but can be taught

AI animation teaches you
solve the cube Step By Step

No matter how messy your cube is, press AI Solve slightly.
It will be able to generate solving animation instantly,
taking you step by step to solve it successfully.
What's more amazing is that it can even be used for a regular cube.

How to solve a regular cube with the APP?

Open CubeStation APP

Press "AI Solve" button

Take pictures of
6 faces as shown

Successfully recognized and
generate solving steps animation,
to understand by step

Advanced Training

To show where you stucked
And help you to be an expert

Practice your weakness

Data that affects your performance,
not all of which you may know about, but which is recorded;
What's more, it supports you to set your own regular algorithm pack
and practice fixed algorithm to help you keep practicing your own no-good ones.

5 major solving data, help you improve your weakness
(the rotation function is only supported by GAN356i/i2)
Time | Rotations | Steps | TPS | Fluency

Recent algorithms library, practice more proficiently

Video replays, view and reconstruct at any time
Global Battles

Playing alone is bored,
Come 1 vs 1 battle.

Start the match! You can have speedcubing battles against friends globally,
or randomly battle against an rival of your own level,
and even show off your skills on the Global/Friends Weekly Rankings.

Why so smart?

Smart motion recorder

Markdown your every step

The GAN356 i2/i play2,
with the smart numerical sphere core,
is equipped with the Smart motion recorder.
No matter which layer you turn,
how fast you turn, how subtle you turn,
it can be markdown your move instantly.

Cube Station APP

The Customized Power

A PRO APP built specifically for the Smart Cube,
it records all the dynamic data
as full-dimensional data,
thus AI teaching/AI solve/training
/global battles and etc. Are available to you.

Connect to the GAN ROBOT
Have fun together

No scramble? Can't solve? It's okay, connect the GAN ROBOT,
it will solve a cube in 5 seconds,
and it can also scramble according to random algorithms.
It can assist you in targeted practice.

Learn more GAN ROBOT >

Outstanding Design

Numerical Elasticity System

Consist of Smart numerical sphere-plastic core and
separable GAN elastic system, 3 elasticity, 2 distances,
numerical tune by hand.

Numerical Tune by hand

Strong Speedcubing Performance

Perfect fillet curve, better Corner-cutting;
classic corner feet+rotor edge pieces design;
Outstanding Anti-POP/Anti-twist performance.

Visible magnet capsule

Inheriting the GAN magnet capsule's visible magnetization technology,
you can speed-up with ease.

Once charge, last for 5 days

The charging port is placed under the center piece,
and can be charged with white side up and inserted into the charging cradle.
Charge once, you can play as long as 5 days (1 hour per day).

Data source: The above is the average data tested by GAN standard laboratory,
there may be slight differences in reality.

Smart Cube Model Compare

GAN356 i play2
GAN356 i2
Size 56x56x56mm 56x56x56mm
Weight About 76g About 76g
Time Steps TPS Fluency Time Rotation Steps TPS Fluency
1.5h 1.5h
Endurance 8h 5h
None Yes
Support ios9.0 and above, Android4.4 and above

Data source: The above is the average data tested by GAN standard laboratory,
there may be slight differences in reality.

Two versions, both for sale

StickerlessFull bright color Stunning show

StickeredGerman imported half-bright ORACAL stickers

Configuration List

USB charging cable

charging stand

ID Card

smart cube user guide

GAN bag


Beginner and
CFOP tutorial

①USB charging cable  ②charging stand  
③ID Card  ④smart cube user guide
⑤GAN bag  ⑥Spring  ⑦Beginner and CFOP tutorial

Professional Certificate

Quality Assurance

Eco-friendly materials

CE EU Safety Certificate

FCC U.S. Security Certificate

Data source: The above is the average data tested by GAN standard laboratory,
there may be slight differences in reality.