Let's start.
To see how good I am.

At first glance, I'm just small, but don't underestimate me:
I'm portable enough to be your personal companion;
I can transform, a Cube, and a cool little charm;
and I'm even equipped with the nut tuning technology,
honeycomb and classic feets, all GAN
technologies to turn like a common SpeedCube.

  • Cool

  • Easy to carry

  • Turn round

Hang A Round

Wherever you go.
You're ready to solve.

Unlike the big guys, you can just string me up with your keys, tie me to your bag, hide me in your pockets, hang around and solve.

GAN330, Transform!

All in one.
I perform well.

Releasing the keychain, I'm a mini Cube that you can solve anywhere; tied with the keychain, I'll be a tied sign with you.

Cool Artifact

Show them.
How cool you are!

It's really cool that you can solve a cube, but the others can't.
Just string me up, let others envy you.

GAN Tech Inside

I can do things a speedcube can.
Feeling good about myself.

Product size

Product Size:30x30x30mm

*Measured manually, or with minor errors, data is for reference only!
Live photo