premium craft
51 mm

Comfortable Grasp Feel
Fast Speed

51 g

Lightsome Design
Suitable for Practice

Magnet Capsule

Visible Magnets
Accurate Alignment


4 Elasticity Choices
Easy to Tune

Double-L Tiles Clips

Go Smooth

Tiles Structure

Seamless Design
Strong and Stable

Honeycomb v2

Endurable Lubrication
Persistent Smooth

Frosted Tiles


Speedcubing Performance

Powerful Corner-cutting/

Tech & Lightness
51g Light Weight Designs
Advanced light weight design makes GAN251 M (Stickered) only 51g, a truly lightest magnetic product in 2x2x2.
Tech & Magnet
Visible Magnet Capsules
It is the first time to visualize 48 GAN magnet capsules in 2x2x2. Dominate in game with seeing the force and twisting accurately in each time.
Tech & Tuning
Easy GES Tuning
Align the GTN with the shaft end for tuning. Gan Elasticity
System(GES) makes GAN251 M available and convenient to tune.
IPG : Carbon steel+ABS, stable and light.
GES v3 : 4 elasticity choices, easy to tune.
Tech & Position
Double-L Tiles Clips
This tech resolves lockups problems resulting from traditional position design, and crafted with GES v3 provides more
opportunity to operate.
Patent Number: 2017217311083
Tech & Smooth
Whole-cover Honeycomb v2
The world-first honeycomb contact surface is designed to make lube equally spread, resulting in a more durable smooth handfeel.
Tech & Patching
Tiles Structure
With strengthening splicing structure,
GAN251 M is smoother and firmer.
Suitable Size   Outstanding Appearance
Thanks to a more rigid shape and fitting size, GAN251 M is more comfortable to grasp and reliable to break PBs.
Each frosted tile, with black inner shell makes GAN251 M smooth and shinning.
Sophisticated Details
A small 2x2x2 seems simple, but complex in that it contains more than 165 components. Although when individual they are unnoticed, once put together, they deliver a captivating and powerful gaming experience.
Consistently Powerful
Speedcubing Performance
Optimized curves are sleek, better performance in corner-cutting. Classical edge feet inherit the performances of anti-pop and anti-twist.
A New Generation of
GAN Box v5
With brand-new GAN Box v5, it is more creative and convenient to store and show the cube. Use eight GAN251s to build a giant 2x2x2, let us see how fast you can solve it.
Creative GAN Box
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Two Versions on Sale

Stickered : 51g

Stickerless : 55g

Different Models Comparison
GAN249 v2 M
GAN251 M
Size 49*49*49 mm 51*51*51 mm
Weight 57 g 51 g/55 g
GMS Internal Magnets Visible GMS
Locking design L type tiles clips Double-L tiles clips
Honey comb contact Honeycomb v1 Honeycomb v2
Stickered/Stickerless Full-light stickered Half-light stickers/Frosted Tiles
GES components / 3 sets of GTNs + Tuning Tool
Display Box / GAN Box v5
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