Learn Cubing with Wisdom

One-key Solving/4.3x1019Scramble States/APP Control

Your first intelligent cube robot.

GAN ROBOT(hereinafter called “GR”),
is GAN’s pioneering global first intelligent
cube robot for vast consumers.NOW,
let GR show you how he work and play

Incredible First:
You are not afraid to start
cubing any more.

Instead spending lots of time studying algorithms to solvethe cube before you can solve a cube by yourself.
it will solve cubes easily by pressing only one button.
You are not afraid that the cube cannot be solved when you start cubing.

Incredible Second:
GR can solve a cube in 15s

No matter how complicated a cube is,
GR will calculate the bestsolving path in 0.01s
and solve it in less than 15s.

Give you
≈4.3x1019 kinds of scramble states

Unable to scramble? Disinclined to scramble?
GR masters 4.3x10 kinds of scramble,
precisely cooperating with APP’s training and battle functions.

3 Kinds of Application Scenarios

Training/Battle Assistant

Random/Specified Scramble
Functions help you to solve
cubes intently.

Competition Assistant

Scrambling cubes uniformly in
competitions is more
justice and accurate.

AI Teaching Functioncoming soon

Cooperating with APP,
GR guides you to solve cubes
step by step.

Now is future.

Infinite possibilities of GAN ROBOT in the future

Because of APP online iteration you can experience more and
newer gameplay, without changing the machine.

Microbrain Center
GR is full of wisdom.

GR’s high command is Microbrain Center, being able to receive and send each command quickly,
guide five-axis servomechanism to perform instantaneously, and solve/scramble cubes accurately.

Intelligent All-Direction Recognition
You can place cubes at will. GR can recognize them in any direction.

Put cubes in any direction.GR will roundly recognize and intelligently scramble them. You can do whatever you want!

Five-axis Servo System
Use GR to free your hands

The five-axis servo system on GR, is composed of power station, power arms and X-shaped grippers whichturn 90 degrees to place cubes accurately.

Dual-Stable System
Strong stability. Hold cubes steady.

Square Box Station fixes the power arm to avoid shaking.Non-slip rubber mat to strongly avoid shift.Dual-stable system is worth to choose.

Lightweight Folding
Portable to take, no hesitate to play.

GR weighs about 500g. After GR is folded, the volume reduces about 50%, easy to carry.

Easy to Fetch
Easy operation improve your level.

You press the LOGO button, the power arms will release, then you can put the cube in.You release the button,
the power arms will shrink and hold tightly to the cube.All movements within a second.