GAN Pyraminx


The "Central Magnetic unit" of GAN Pyraminx M,
is like a new Magnetic Engine;
GES+ inside. Tuning much easier;
As light as 64g, to make you feel comfortable.


Core Positioning Magnetic System

Magnetic Core


contact surface

120 degrees of

Magnetic Core

Hardcore Magnet Engine
Engine starts in the GAN Pyraminx M

Unlike the previous pyraminxes,
GAN Pyraminx M has the "Central Magnetic unit".
It brings new handfeels just like the new engine of the pyraminx.
It gives you faster speed and lower starting resistance.

Low magnetic attraction center

Provides a handfeel of low starting
resistance and swift speed-up.

Core positioning / Enhanced Core positioning

2 major positioning options
Start the engine

Core positioning

36 magnetic sites
Bottom magnetic attraction center,
lower starting resistance force;

Enhanced Core positioning

60 magnetic sites, increase
magnetic attraction between pieces.
Uniform magnetic force in all
directions, results in
comfortable handfeels.

Lightweight of 64g

Fast and lightness
It'll let you take it easy.

The lightness of the GAN Pyraminx M is a breakthrough,
And we are proud to turn its handfeel comfortable too.
With 64g only, you'll be amazed by its lightness.

Tip: The lightness of 64g
matches the low starting
resistance perfectly.


With the trend of numerization,
GES+ is a tribute to the first wave.

From now on, pyraminxes can be
tuned by number.
GES+, allowing you to tune more
accurate and faster.

8 types of elasticity tune by hand
It's easy to show off

Tune by hand! GAN Pyraminx M supports
4 levels of elasticity and 2 distances:
That is: 8 elasticities, flash tune by hand!

Angle of seizure

Stable elastic nuts,
easy to tune.

Flash tune by hand

2 distances,
tune in one second.


4 groups of elastic nuts,
exchanged by hand.

120 degrees of corner-cutting

From now on,
no more Lock-ups

Perfect fillet curve, creating corner-cutting
of nearly 120 degrees, no more lock-ups.

Corner-cutting of 120 degrees

Upgraded tracks
Tune more smoothly
Perfect fillet curve
Better corner-cutting
Corner-cutting of 120 degrees
Light and fast turning, no Lock-ups

Hardcore Crafts

the gloss is back.

Glossy clips,
easy to inspect, anti-slippery.

Extra lasting
long lubrication.

Honeycomb contact surface,
lube once, lasting long.

Hard falls,
hardly break.

Each locking piece is with
high strength, and is too
strong to break.

Super stable.

Integrated main part with corner,
fast speed-up and stable.

Edition Comparison

Edition Core Positioning Standard Edition Core Positioning Explorer Edition Enhanced Core
Positioning Edition
Core positioning Core positioning Enhanced Core positioning*
Handfeel of
Smooth and
Smooth and
Strong and fast
Weight 64g 64g 66g
Parts / GES+parts GES+parts


GAN Pyraminx M Tutorial

GES+ parts
(Core Positioning Explorer Edition,
Enhanced Core Positioning Edition

GAN Pyraminx M
Tuning Introduction

GANCUBE·The Choices of World-Champions

The GAN GURUS Cubing Team

Feliks Zemdegs

Two-time World Champion
121 World Records Breaker

Leo Borromeo

Former 3x3 Average
Asian Record Breaker
11 Nation Records Breaker

Seung Hyuk Nahm

Three-time Asian Champion
50 Continental
Records Breaker

*Data sources from the World Cube Association.

Professional Certificate

Quality Assurance

Safe materials
Eco-friendly and healthy

CE EU Safety Certificate