Battle Online with Cubers All Around the World

The thrill of competition lies in battling a worthy opponent. The GAN356 i and Cube Station matches you with opponents of the same level within seconds, letting you battle in real time.
Up to 1,000 battles are synchronously recorded, allowing for instant reconstruction.
Enjoy a new way of intelligent speedcubing.

Real-time Matchmaking for Impromptu Battles

Anytime, anywhere, in seconds, match with a competitor of the same level in real time and battle on the spot.

Every Minute Is a Quick Battle

The 1v1 battle features a KO system for a fast-paced battle environment.

Determining Victory
While helping you improve in all areas

Records outcomes/moves/rotations/TPS/fluency/solutions with instantaneous reconstructions.
Not only does this discern victory and defeat, it also helps you realize what wins and loses in battles.

Virtual Cube
A Real Speedcubing Experience

The 1st generation GAN virtual cube debuts in Cube Station. This virtual cube has a realistic visual experience like the GAN356 i and also comes with a customized keyboard, making use during training and battles intelligent and exciting.

An Elegant Hidden Charging System

The charging outlet is elegantly positioned under the center piece. Simply place the cube into the charger with the white face on top to begin charging.

Shake the Cube to Activate
Turn the White Side to Disconnect

Gently shake the cube 5 times to activate it and connect to the APP. Disconnecting is just as easy -- turn the white face until disconnection.

Best Speedcubing Performance Inside and Outside

Despite being a smart cube, speedcubing is still the GAN356 i’s essential shining point.
With its optimized whole space structure, separate GAN Elasticity System, magnet capsules,
silky soft handfeel and more, the GAN356 i demonstrates powerful speedcubing features in every aspect.

Exquisitely Modified Structure
Performance is never compromised

The meticulous improvements in structure feature the best fillet curves, a new edge rotor design, and classic S feet in an extremely extruded inner space.
Corner cutting, anti-pop, and anti-corner-twist performance are exceptional as always.

Classic GAN Elastic System
Tune by hand

The GAN356 i features the new Intelligent Numerical Sphere-plastic Gancore with the classic GAN Tension Nuts, which can still be tuned easily by hand. To use, press the Tension Nut to the end, turn to align the suitable distance (0.6/0.8), and release. The Tension Nut will automatically lock.
Intelligent Numerical Sphere-plastic Gancore: Screw end, locked GTN
Separate GAN Tension Nuts: 0.6/0.8 mm, 2 switch modes, 2 distances, out and in.

GAN Magnet Capsules
Bringing you the best peace of mind

The traditional magnet positioning technology of GAN magnet capsules (GMC) lets you always see your magnets, giving you peace of mind from magnets falling or loosening.

Honeycomb Contact Surface
A smooth handfeel

The honeycomb surfaces help spread lube evenly across the cube,
resulting in a smooth and stable handfeel with extended lube longevity.

2 editions available


Full bright stickerless


Half bright oracal stickered