GANCUBE’s Core Technology

Delving into the core of speedcubing allows for an exploration of the full potential of GANCUBE’s core technology.

Through technological innovation, GANCUBE propels unceasing advancement in the field of speedcubing. The core is a pivotal structure that maintains the cube’s stability and is also an integral part of the compression system. It provides strong support for compression adjustment and axis distance.

2013 – Integrated Molding Entirely Plastic Core

The core is constructed entirely from high-strength plastic through an integrated molding process. It also features screw threads at its end, which enables compression adjustment simply by changing the nuts. This innovative core design, first introduced on the GAN3 in 2013, ends the period of multipart core structures.
The adjustment of elasticity is no longer achieved by trimming the length of the spring, but instead by replacing the nut quickly.

2015-2017 – Steel-Plastic IPG Core

The verticality of the core and uniform tightness across all sides significantly contributes to the cube’s easy, swift turns. GAN holds significant expertise in this essential technology, having developed the integrated molded steel-plastic IPG core for the GAN356 since its initial application in 2015. Unlike the fully plastic core, the steel-plastic core is created from high-strength plastic combined with metal screws via injection molding. This composition greatly enhances the core’s strength and verticality.

By 2017, the IPG core had seen five iterations (IPG v1 through v5), each generation improving in verticality and stability. This enhancement has propelled GAN’s 2x2x2, 3x3x3, and 4x4x4 cube designs, as well as its Megaminx products, to achieve exceptional performance.

2018 – Quantifiable Adjustment IPG Core

Besides continually enhancing the verticality of the core, GAN has also committed to unlocking its potential in terms of compression adjustment. In 2018, the GAN356 X introduced the world’s first quantifiable adjustment system core — the quantifiable adjustment steel-plastic IPG. This groundbreaking system enables adjustments to compression and axial distance without the need for any tools.

Following this, in 2019, the GAN356 X S was launched, featuring an upgraded wing-shaped quantifiable adjustment core that bolstered both verticality and stability even further.
The introduction of the quantifiable adjustment core has revolutionized the field, allowing everyone to make exceptional adjustments with ease.

2019 – Smart Ball Core

2019 marked the inception of GAN smart cube technology, with the introduction of the first generation of smart speed cubes (GAN356 i) that debuted with an innovative smart ball core. This feature enabled the cube to connect with an app, allowing users to monitor the cube’s status and record and analyze its data.

2020 – Magnetic Core

This year, GAN has once again ushered in a new era of magnetic systems. The premium GAN 11 M Pro revealed a surprise to the global cubing community — the magnetic core. Its standout feature is the inclusion of 8 omnidirectional magnetic components mounted on the core, introducing an innovative omnidirectional core positioning magnetic system.

In 2021, the introduction of Magnetic Core 2.0 heralded a new age of magnetic levitation in speedcubing. This upgraded version not only accomplishes a record-setting 30° automatic alignment, but by synergizing with the angular magnetic force of the corner piece, it generates repulsion, enabling remarkable advancements in speedcubing.




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