GANCUBE Oversea Direct 2022


Ordering products from GAN warehouses in your areas can enjoy faster delivery and receive additional gifts from us. They can be Cube Covers, GAN Stand, MG Figure ver., MG Cute Bag, GAN Cube Figure, GAN GES, GAN Sticker, GAN Mat, GAN ROBOT Center Cap Set and so on!

*Note: only 1 Oversea Direct event gift will be included in the package. But you might be able to get Winter Gift event gift together in one package.

Check out the goods in GAN warehouses and grab more GAN gifts:

The USA: https://shop.gancube.com/product-category/gancube-oversea-direct-usa

Australia & New Zealand: https://shop.gancube.com/product-category/gancube-oversea-direct-australia-new-zealand

Europe: https://shop.gancube.com/product-category/gancube-oversea-direct-europe

Event time: 1st – 31st December 2022 China Standard Time

Event zone: The USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe

Considering the increasing transport congestion near the end of the year, we suggest that customers place orders ahead of time to avoid missing your plan.




CST. 9:00-18:00