Upgraded GES+

Elasticity and Distance Tune by Numbers

Wing-Shaped Numerical IPG

Tough and stable
Accuratly fit in corner

GAN Tentioning Nuts

4 Elasticity
2 Distances

Magnet capsules

Whiz and Tictac
Fast and Stable

All-Symmetry Locked
Clips Design

Tighter Seamless Joints
Upgraded Intensity

Honeycomb v2

Lube Spread Wider
Smoothness Lasts Longer
Looking back to the original design of magnetic cubes of GANCUBE, a good-enough cube
magnetic system must be needed. Therefore, equipped with 48 visable magnet capsules,
the GAN356 M helps you speed-up with sure;
numerical GES+, makes tuning easier and more accurate than ever. And 3 major crafts that add higher performance. Welcome to start with the magnetic cube that called GAN356 M.

Magnetic Postioning Technology

Let the Magnetic Force
Ignite All-Time Explosive Power

Combining magnetic force into the cube is like
installing a suction force on it,
which allows pieces attract each other and turn the layers
into right position, with much higher speed.

Magnetic Force

Correct Position

Speed-Up Fast

Transparent capsules + Positioning Slots

None of the Magnets
Would be Missed

48 GAN magnet capsules, each magnet is visible;
postioning slots and pillars ,
so that the magnet capsules are firmly fixed and would not fall out.

Elasticity Tuning Technology

You Need to Know Something about Tuning

The more suitable the tightness of the Cube is, the easier hand speed burst. Senior masters often tune the tightness of the Cube according to their own preferences to obtain a feel that is more suitable for their speed burst.

GES+ GAN Elastic System

Every Cuber
Tunes Easier

The more suitable the tightness, the easier to speed-up.
And tuning the tightness is to tune the distance and elastic force.
GES+ realizes numerical tuning distance and elastic force,
making it easy and accurate for everyone to tune just by hand.

(The larger the distance and the weaker the elastic force,
make the cube looser; otherwise, the cube would be tighter)

Elastic Force

Strong or Weak Elasticity Choose as You Like

4 groups of elastic force, there is always one you like (the bigger the number, the stronger the elastic force). Turn the corner slot to Ø, take the nuts out, and then you can replace them with nuts withdifferent elasticity.
* Standard Edition Only.

Nut Distance

Push and Twist,
Distance Tuned in One Second

Each elastic nut has 2 distance slots (the bigger number, the longer distance). Push and twist it. When you reach the target position, let go and lock. You can tune in just one second.

GAN's core

Lighter, More Stable,More Precise

Wing-Shaped Numerical IPG, adding Wing-Shaped stands.
Results in lighter, more stable and more precise cube.



3 Major Reassuring Crafts

Lube once
Lasting Long

Honeycomb version 2

Full coverage lubrication,
lube spreads and smothness lasts.

Hard Falls
Hardly Breaks.

All Symmetry Locked Clips Design

The egde pieces are densely
reinforced, soaring in strength
and resistant to twisting and falling.

Sticky Touch Without Scratch

Full-bright Frosted Stickerless

Astonish frosted surface, tough, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint

Speedcube Performance


On Performance
Are Competitive with Flagship Products

Classic Corner Feet and Powerful Corner-Cutting

classic corner feet.
Outstanding Anti-POP,
anti-twist performance

Perfect fillet curve, better Corner-cutting


Choices of World Cahmpions

Full Support from GAN GURUS team

Seung Hyuk Nahm

Three-time Asian Champion
50 Continental Records Breaker

Feliks Zemdegs

Two World Championships,
121 World Records Breaker

Leo Borromeo

Former 3x3 Average Asian
Record Breaker
11 Nation Records Breaker

*The above Cube record data comes from the World Cube Association


2 Editions Available

Standard Edition

with GES+ Accessories

Light-Weighted Edition

without GES+ Accessories


Configuration List


GAN Box v3

GES Accessories
(Standard Edition Only)

CFOP Tutorial


Magnetic Series Version Compare

356 Air SM 356 X 356 X s 356 M
Size 56mm 56mm 56mm 56mm
Weight 76g 77g/80g 67g/68g 74g
Magnetic Magnets GMS GMS v2 Visible
Magnet Capsule
Dual Elasticity System
(Dual numerical
variable nut+GTN)
Dual Elasticity System
(Dual numerical
variable nut+GTN)
Numerical IPG)
Locked Clips
Screws All Symmetry
Locked Clips Design
Integrated main
part with corner Outer
shell all Symmetry L
ocked Clips Design
All Symmetry
Locked Clips Design
contact surface
Honeycomb v1 Honeycomb v2 Honeycomb+Slide Honeycomb v2
Full bright stickers Half bright stickers
/Full bright
bfrosted stickerless
Half bright stickers
/Full bright
bfrosted stickerless
Full bright
frosted stickerless

Professional Certificate

Quailty Assurance

Safe materials
Eco-friendly materials

CE EU Safety Certificate