Revolutionary magnet positioning,tight and precise

The GMC(GAN magnet capsule)technology,replacing handmade,pungently glued magnets --- Innovated putting magnets into capsules,and capsules are locked into slots,tightly and precisely.

See the Force,

Speed with You

Replacing hidden magnets,the GMC shows you all 96 magnets一一gracefully.No longer missing/falling out.

Distinguishable Magnetic Fields

Outer layers 48 transparent GMC(3*2mm),inner layers 48 yellow GMC(3*1.8mm),you can easily distinguish the strength.

Novel Spice Structure

How Symmetry

Light up the Cube

GAN460M applying a novel GAN patent——Total Symmetric Structure,now it’s the same color inside and stickerless outside,resulting outstanding strength inside, and the marvelous honeycomb in and outside. *CN Patent No.:2017110459934

Total Symmetry,

Total Strengthened

The total symmetric clips makeGAN460Mgorgeous and easy to use,also strength. Higher strength feets,unbreakable parts.Pieces、blocks are all locked up by clips, perfectly and firmly.

Corner Pieces

Double locked by clips,unchangable shape under pressure,hidden gaps.

Edge Pieces

Strengthened and fixed by GAN Magnetic Capsules.

Center Pieces

Locked by clips, avoid falling out.

Stronger Coner-Cut,

Smoother Turning

GAN460M,is deduced、optimised many times. Optimising to the best degrees. Outer-Outer Corner-Cutting 40°, Reverse-Corner-Cutting25° Outer-Inner Corner-Cutting22°, Reverse-Corner-Cutting22° Inner-Inner Corner-Cutting22°, Reverse-Corner-Cutting15° Inner-Outer Corner-Cutting 25°, Reverse-Corner-Cutting15°

4X4 IPG,

born for the best perpendicularity

Assembled with GANSCORE,GAN460Mhas higher perpendicularity. The new 4x4 IPG(Iron-plastic GANSCORE)is build by merging iron and plastic and based on the 3x3 IPG design.Higher perpendicularity,bigger inner space,longer hidden edge piece,resulting stronger anti-POP abilities. *CN Patent No.:2017202600856

Lube endurable with Honey comb contact surface

Adopting and upgrading GAN’s honey comb design,the Honeycomb design spread from contact surfaces to feets,resulting longer endurable smooth handfeels.


Containing Comforts

GANBOX v4,applied to the GAN 4x4 and 5x5,with simple shape,crystal clear,everything at a glance;ingenious inside,outstanding opening. The best for presenting your collections.。