Speed cube algorithms are representedby capital letters, numbers and [’].Each symbol represents specific rotation.Rules are below:

Right ,Left ,Up
Down ,Front ,Back

Capital: Turn 90°clockwise

Capital: Turn 90°anti-clockwise

Capital+2: Turn 180°e.g.R2=R+R

Solving Steps

1.Solve white bottom;
2.Solve yellow top layer;
3.Solve the whole cube.


Solve white bottom

Choose any face that contains white as bottom,find white corner at top layer;

Turn corner pieces following formulas as below;

Repeat these steps, until all bottom face are white.

If there’s no white corners at top layer,perform R U’ R’ or R U R’ once as shown,to put white corner at top layer.


Solve yellow top layer

View from top, the yellow bars represent yellow pieces on the sides.

Focus on top side, there are 7 cases in total. Perform the algorithm 4 or 5 once in cases which only one yellow corner is on the top.

Make sure your cube is in the right position as the diagram view.

(R U2)(R’ U’R U’R’)

(R U R’U)(R U2 R’)

The other 5 cases require two algorithms in a row (Alg = algorithm). Perform Alg 4 first.

Alg4 + Alg4

Alg4 + U’ + Alg4

Alg4 + U’ + Alg5

Alg4 + U + Alg5

Alg4 + U2 + Alg5

The top side is solved

If you cannot find any of the above cases, it is because there is corner twist. Twist the corner piece in accordance to the cases.


Solve the whole cube

Find corner pieces that have same colors, perform algorithm 6 once. If all the sides are the same color, skip step 2 to step 3.

If the sides of the corner pieces are with different color.Perform algorithm 6 once. Then step 1.

Up-side-down the cube, and performs step1. Till all of the cube is solved.

(R’U)(L’U2)(RU’)(R’U2)(LR) Algorithm6

The principle of algorithm 6 is to replace left-back into right-back.

Mind the direction of L and L’

Solve 2 layers at the same time, perform R2 F2 R2 if both layer sides are with different color.

The principle of this algorithm is to replace opposite angles of the whole cube.

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