The Innovation of Technology

GAN Technology Patented Guarantees


Benefitted by the invention of GAN Magnetic System, magnet strengths can be easily exchanged for the first time. The GMS consists of patented magnet slots and flash magnet capsules, including 3 sets of magnet capsules and one non-magnet capsule. Within 30 seconds, you can exchange the magnet strength only by hand.

· Three magnet capsules, strong or weak, exchange at will

· One set of non-magnet capsule, magnetic and magnetless hand feeling, easy to switch

· Only by hand, 30-Second exchange


The leading tech GAN Elasticity System (GES+), which consists of patented numerical IPG and gan tension nut(GTN. The 0.6/0.8/1.0 3 gear distance, with 4 groups of elastic force, to create 12 typical numerical mode, tuning elasticity becomes so easy and accurate.

· Screw end needle-clip, lock on the nuts

· 0.6/0.8/1.0mm 3 distances, tune by hand

·4 sets of elasticity, change at will

TECH | Light-Weight Design

Started by the light-weight design of GAN356 Air, simplify the complex, reduce the cumbersome in the whole GAN 356 Air Series, so that cube can be light as well as fast.

TECH | 2nd Generation of Honeycomb

The 2nd generation honeycomb contact surface design, covered to the inner side of cube for the first time, lasting lubrication, ensuring that each turn is smooth and soft.

TECH | Speedcube Performance

Classic corner feet - triple corner feet and the outer-circle and inner-square corner feet, brings the best anti-POP and anti-twist performance; Meanwhile, the concept of full corner-cutting was proposed for the first time by GANCUBE. Then positive 55°, reverse 30° corner cutting was lead by GANCUBE as a speedcube standard, so that the performance of the speedcube grows to the top.