GANCUBE Photography 2022

GANCUBE Photography 2022

– Part. A –

Here it comes again, GANCUBE Photography – DASH instead of MARATHON.

Take a photo that suits the given theme and upload it to the questionnaire.

The photographer of the chosen photo will receive GAN Smart Timer silver knight as prize!

Show your artwork and win an extra gift in 2022.

Theme: Christmas

Questionnaire: http://ganspeedace.sv.mikecrm.com/YjJpiyo

Upload time: 18th – 25th December 2022 CST


1. Photos should be related to given themes and cube

2. Every participator can only upload 1 picture for every theme

3. Cubes should be with no logo or GAN logo only

4. Uploaded photos must be photographed and edited by participator

5. Uploaded photos will be possible to be shown on GANCUBE social media




CST. 9:00-18:00