GANCUBE Cubing Carnival

Summer, new members. Vacation and world champion.

It's gonna be a heat battle stream and a cubing carnival this August.

Arm yourself with GAN cubes and get ready for the hot summer fight!

Use coupon code "CubingCarnival" to enjoy 5% off on orders over 20 USD on GANCUBE SHOP.

The code can be applied to all the GANCUBE SHOP products (except new GAN flagship). Customers will receive an additional GAN battle gift if the order is above 70 USD.

Get the gift list below and get them while they are still in stock.

GAN Mask, GAN GURUS Card, GAN Wristband, GAN Badge, GAN Cover, etc.

Event time: 1st – 31st August 2023




CST. 9:00-18:00