Feliks Zemdegs 3×3 4.73s single

Rubik’s Cube Single World Record (Former) 4.73s by Feliks Zemdegs using GAN 356 Air

 Kewords:GAN 356 Air GANCUBE Feliks Zemdegs world record

It’s been 3 years long since Feliks has last time broke the Rubik’s Cube world record Single.

Cube: Magnetised GAN 356 Air [Prototype]

Feliks Zemdegs currently holds all 3x3x3-7x7x7  single and aveage world records except only 3x3x3 one-handed average, as listed below:

3x3x3 Cube Single – 4.73 sec (POPS Open 2016)
3x3x3 Cube Average – 6.45 sec (WLS Lato 2016)
3x3x3 Cube One Handed Single – 6.88 sec (Canberra Autumn 2015)
4x4x4 Cube Single – 21.54 sec (China Championship 2015)
4x4x4 Cube Average – 25.97 sec (Adelaide Summer 2017)
5x5x5 Cube Single – 41.27 sec (Melbourne Cube Days 2016)
5x5x5 Cube Average – 49.32 sec (Euro 2016)
6x6x6 Cube Single – 1:27.85 sec (Adelaide Summer 2017)
6x6x6 Cube Average 1:34.68 sec (Adelaide Summer 2017)
7x7x7 Cube Single – 2:20.66 sec (Euro 2016)
7x7x7 Cube Average – 2:25.06 sec (Euro 2016)

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