Brand:      Rubik’s
Name:      RSC 3x3x3
Weight:    ≈84g
Size:          57mm*57mm*57mm
Material:   ABS
Packaging:Color box

Rubik’s Cube, the legend

1974,Ernő Rubik created Rubik’s cube
1980s,became one of the most popular toys in the world
2017,start of the new Rubik’s speedcube era

The Rubik’s Speed Cube

In 2016, the GAN Cube made an agreement with the Rubik's brand
In 2017, the first cooperation result——the RSC comes out
It’s originally designed, professional, with legendary handfeels
It’s combined with the essential spirit of both the GAN Cube and the Rubik’s brand

Smooth & Speed

The World-Record SpeedCube team--GAN Cube designd

Stickerless & Strong

The original and patented designed stickerless Rubik’s cube

Not just a Toy

In decades,the Rubik’s cube has overwhelmed the world
it became a miracle in the world’s toys history
it is taken as“the most educational toy”
Uptill today, the Rubik’s cube is not just a kind of puzzle
but also training aids, and sporting goods

The Best for Speed-Cubing Practicing

Genius tile-plugin design with exellent speed
It guides you to top-level speedcubing

Keeping Highest Quality

Eco-friendly ABS, non-reclaimed materials
Safe and smooth

Revolutionary Tile-Plugin Design

The cube uses high-quality Tile-Plugin design
With ultra-strong conjunction structure
It’s impact resistance,anti-crack, endurable

Precisely Every Tile

All tiles are made with standard speeducbe color
They are made precisely and strong
They won’t lose color after very long time of usage
No need to change stickers any more

High Quality for Your Fingers Touch

Top level dull-polishing craft, making all surfaces smooth
Resulting the skin-touch like handfeels
The cube is anti-scratch
You don’t need a cube-protect bag any more

For Your Fingers’ Safety

All surface tiles are made with circular bead
And are polish with high-level craft
So they will never scratch your fingers

Top Core for Faster Scores

Powered by GAN technology
The new RSC are made with Ganscores
Making them strong, stable
And handfeel tunable

Newest Tech tuning Handfeels

Derived from GAN Cube technology
The GES system is also applied on RSC
To tune the cube for your own handfeel
The GES can be easiliy changed

Top level Corner-Cutting

Years ago
You cannot turn a Rubik’s cube easily when it’s not in an exact cube shape
With GAN Cube Techical design
The RSC has brilliant Corner-Cutting performance close to the top level speedcube

Faster Turning Speed, Longer Life-Span

With excellent lubricating designs
The lubricating tracks make the cube turn faster and with longer life-span

Your Crush. It won’t Crush

The triple cross feet design makes the RSC cube strong and anti-POP
No POPs in your competitions any more

World Championship
Limited Edition

Standard Cube for the 2017 World Championship Nations Cup
Cube Number Only 1974/ World Championship Souvenir LOGO