GAN356 Air Ultimate

Handmade Top Speed Cube


Model:   GAN356 Air Ultimate

Size:   56*56*56mm    Weight: 66g

Material:   ABS Environmental plastics

Package :  GAN BOX v2

Color:   Black

Corner-Cut:   Positive:55    Reverse:30°

Easy-Corner-Cut:   Positive:50    Reverse:30°

Deformability:   7°

Handmade Artworks

By traditional crafts, To get lighter and ensure parts strength,the structure of the cube must be changed.

Gan365 Air Ultimate remove the parts calibration column instead of changing the structural properties of GAN354 Air.

Each cube takes our highly skill technician more than 2 hours to glue by the Tamiya Extra Thin Cement.

GAN356 Air Ultimate

GAN356 Air

Luminous Edge Feet

The stress of Screw and Glue connection are different, so that the feet size changed.

GAN345 Air Ultimate use Light Storing Luminous Edge Feet distinction with GAN356 Air.

Engineering-level ABS Light Storing luminous Material

It can reduce the friction coefficient of plastic to make cube more smooth.

Long and bright light storage makes the luminous longer.

Nylon Screw Connection

The edge feet using a special high strength nylon screw connection, ensure the overall strength of cube.

Nylon screw is lighter than steel screw and can be integrally jioned with plastic parts.

Each cube takes our highly skill technician more than 2 houres to glue by the Tamiya Extra Thin Cement.

Compared with steel screw connection structure more time-consuming.

labor costs are also more expensive.

The gap of parts are glued by Tamiya Extra Thin Cement.

All parts were air-dried for 24 hours,so that

the stregth of the glue with cube can be maximized,and finally to assembly.

It won't fall apart even free fall from 2 meters high.

With ORACLE German

Full Bright Stickers

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