• GAN356 i

    Battle Online with Cubers All Around the World

  • GAN356 Air SM

    Magnet-Positioning system / GESv2 / Honeycomb contact surface

  • GAN356 Air

    "High-End Cube with smallest deform. Patented GES. Circle-square Edge Feet. Triple Edge Feet. Upgraded HSD. Multidirection Notchof center pieces. Positioning Pillar of CenterPiece. Strong Connecting Screws"

  • GAN356SV2

    Based on GAN356. Upgraded rotation notch track V2. Upgraded center cap. Circle-Square Corner Feet. Lengthened Edge Feet. Positioning Pillar for Center piece. HSD(Hidden Seam Design) High strength screw. Mass distribution tuning system(MDTS). IPG v2 Axial

  • GAN356 Air Ultimate

    The marvelous 3x3 cube. The first greatest corner-cut cube. Pioneered rotation notch track V2. And Circle-Square Corner Feet. Positioning Pillar for Center piece. Pioneered HSD. High strength screw. Pioneered MDTS. Pioneered IPG v2 Axial

  • GAN356 Air UM

  • RSC

    ≈84g / ABS

  • GAN356 Air S

    Smooth and Light Feel / GES v2 / Honeycomb Contact Surface


  • GAN249

    52g, full-fitted tiles / light and beautiful