113g/ Magnet Positioning/ Easy To Tune

轻异上手 乐趣翻倍

The 1st Megaminx
Designed and made by GAN

What is a megaminx?
Dodecahedron shaped.
It has 12 faces, and 62 pieces including 12 center pieces,
20 corner pieces and 30 edge pieces,
resulting 1.01×10^68 of combinations.
It takes at least 3.47s* for solving a 3×3 cube,
meanwhile 27.81s* for solving a Megaminx.
You will pour yourself in this variation of combinations.

Solving a megaminx is More difficult and challenging.
But it will reward you limitless happiness.

*3×3 single world record; Megaminx single world record.

113 g

Light Weight
Brisk and Swift

33 mm

Comfortable Size
Better Performance

Concave-Arc for fingers

Exquisite Appearance
Comfortable Grasp


4 Elasticity Choices
Easy To Tune

Magnet Positioning

Magnets System
Instant Adsorption

Honey Comb Contact Surface

Endurable Lubrication Persistent Smooth

Frosted Stickers


High Performance in Corner-Cutting

Positive Corner-Cut 42° Reverse Corner-Cut 25°

Classical Corner Feet

Anti-POP Anti-Corner-Twist

Weight 113g
Light as a Bulb

The lighter a megaminx is, the more flexible it will be, and easier to solve. You will be energetic even after hundreds of solving. GAN MEGAMINX weights only 113g, it is even 15% lighter than the other megaminx in the market.


More beautiful than ever

The unique concave arc design makes good-looking arc on the surface of the cube. The 12 color stickerless surface, with processing of the Electro-discharge Mirror Surface technique, creates vivid colors and amazing handfeels.


Easy to tune

The combination of Ipg-12 and GES v3 makes GAN’s unique elastic system (GES) a close aide to help us easily tune the megaminx. If you want to adjust the tightness, just screw each GES nuts. To achieve the best result.

12-Axle IPG-:

Carbon Steel+High-Strength Plastic, it is lighter and stabler

GES v3:

4 types of elasticity, easy to tune

120 Magnetic Capsules

Features120 magnets systems all around in the cube,
Making every turn a precise and quick move.
Help you to break your speed limit.

Lubrication can be

The honey comb contact surface design
throughout inside the cube .
Thus lubrication can sustain for a very long time, keeps the megaminx smooth.

To be honest
Better than other ones

GAN MEGAMINX performs well in every aspect,
like corner-cutting, anti-POP anti-corner-twist, etc.

- Corner-Cutting: Positive Corner-Cut 42° Reverse Corner-Cut 25°
- Triple feets in the edge pieces: Anti-POP
- Cylindrical inner side of the corner feet in the corner pieces: Anti-Corner-Twist

Grasp Feel
Touch and Moved

33mm size with the Concave-Arc design,
more suitable for your fingers.
Let the hand feel and the grasp keep up with the speed of your fingers. Soon you will be moved, so do the GAN Megaminx

GAN Ball
to the GAN Megaminx

The GAN ball transparent box—GAN Ball,
uses a rhombohedron design,
showing its lightness, dainty and exquisite.
If you want to take out or put in the cube,
with the T-buckle lock,
all you need to do is to simply screw the ball.

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