MONSTER GO New Beginning!

It's another International Children's Day, the time to spend your day with your little buddies and bring joy in their life. Maybe we do not celebrate the same Children's Day, but this is a good chance to prepare a surprise when the day comes.

From Jun. 1st – 14th, customers will get a free gift, purchasing over $20 MONSTER GO cubes in GANCUBE SHOP. The gift is a cute bag of MG Snake Puzzle with 6 pieces in it.

What's more, with the coupon code "MGNewBeginning", for every 6 MONSTER GO cubes you buy, you can purchase 1 more MONSTER GO cube that worth $11.9 for free! (Adding Six MG cubes and ONE$11.9 MONSTER GO cube to use the coupon code)

Happy Children's day to all the kids and the kids in everyone's heart.

GANCUBE SHOP – MONSTER GO Page: https://shop.gancube.com/product-category/mg


  1. 1.Event Time: Jun. 1st – 14th, 2022 China Standard Time

  2. 2.GANCUBE SHOP will stop adding MG Snake Puzzle cute bags in the package if they are out of stock.

  3. 3.Please consult us if you have any confusions about the event.

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