GAN356 Air S

Smooth and Light Feel / GES v2 /
Honeycomb Contact Surface

Brand: GAN
Product: GAN356 AirS
Weight: ≈68g
Size: 56mm*56mm*56mm
Color: Black, White, White Jade (primary)

Material: ABS
Packaging: GANBOX v3
Corner-cutting: forward 55°, reverse 30°
Ease-corner-cutting: forward 50°, reverse 30°
Deformability: 7°


The PB-crunching GAN356 AirS Family is another Chapter in a Success Story like No Other

On 28 June 2017, Feliks Zemdegs used a GAN356 AirS (magnetic) prototype to set the Rubik's Cube world record average of 5.97 seconds. Now, the GAN356 AirS family finally launches for the public

68g: Extreme Lightness

The extreme lightness, controllability, and smoothness of the 356 Air family enables cubers to speed up their times and bring efficiency to their practice sessions. The GAN356 AirS is even lighter and stronger than its predecessor

High-quality Craft

For additional lightness, magnet tracks and positioning columns have been removed on the AirS

High Tolerance in Corner-cutting

In 2014, GAN Cube introduced the world's first full-corner-cutting cube. Now, the GAN356 AirS family brings forward a cube that accomplishes even stabler, more effortless full-corner-cutting

GES v2: Multible Possibilities to Easily Set Up the Cube to Personal Preference

GES v2 (GAN Elasticity System v2), complete with elegant GAN logo prints on the nuts, allows for increased customizability. With this newly improved system, cubers can tune the cube into full-corner-cutting as they wish

ORACAL Stickers

The bright/half-bright stickers are thin and cut to perfection

Sticker thickness 0.13mm

GANBOX v3: Elegance and Functionality

The upgraded GANBOX v3 is ideal both for display and protective storage

The Magnetic Version of the Cube, the GAN356 Air SM, is Out Now

Magnet-positioning / GES v2 /
Honeycomb Contact Surface