GAN356 Air


  2016. New.  

Normaly for reducing weights of a cube, the strength and speed will be sacrificed
But not this time

GAN356 Air


Break records without any pause

Still relaxed after thousands of solving
Two great new features in this cube

Enjoy the Magic Power of the Top Cube

The Top Cube is Greatly Advanced to be Easier Controlled

GAN356S, too powerful to control.
You may take some time to harness.
GAN356 Air, as powerful and controllable as an Ipad,
even beginners can play.

Strong,as light as 73 g

Our goal with GAN356 Air was to do the impossible:
Engineer an ultrastable cube with ultracomfortable handfeel

New Character-Deformability

Stableness with Speed

It means when after forcing the cube to deform,
the cube can keep in a non-cubic shape without external force, as seen in the below formula.
(Outer-Contour-Angle)α - 90 degree = (Deformability)β
If the deformability is small, the cube is more stable and cubic and easier to control; if the deformability is large, you get less cube-reforming force when you solve it, so it's easier to break records if you have good control. (As A=B=C=D in Scheme, the dislocations between neighboring layers should be the same.)

Dream Designed

Circular-Square curve fillet

12 months of testing and producing,making the simplest circular corner as strong as the complex curve surfaces.

Ultrastrong Inside

Patented GES (GAN Elasticity System)

The new GAN NUT, precise spring and the spring cap, these 3 components construct the whole new GES (GAN Elasticity System).
GAN356 Air is the first high-end speedcube that rejects metal gasket,the metal gasket is the part with worst accuracy in a cube, it defects solving experience .
The spring can compress and strech, but it won’t rotate and rub inside. Therefore, the spring noise vanished throughly. Solving the rub problems of spring to gasket, spring to nut or rub problems of scraps.
The GES decrease difficulties to DIY GAN Cubes, beginners only need to change the GES components, and they can DIY cubes with good comfort.

Dozens of Typical Handfeels in One Cube

The GES components are designed with 7 diferent elasticity.
Each color correspond to an specific elasticity, they give you much more choices.
You can just find your own good handfeel cube, choose the elasticity you like!

( S = Standard ) | G Series GES only sell in Grand Master Edition

Precisely assembled of every single cube

Iron-Plastic Ganscore V3

The upgraded version of IPG——We produce the cores by injection of high-strength plastic PC,and use wolfram steel to produce core stick. As the result from lab, the IPG V3 is over 50% stronger than IPG V2. Higher verticality, higher acuracy, bringing stability to the cube.

Visible and quantifiable tuning design, making DIY much more easy for speed cube beginners, you can just tune the nut to the end of the axial.

Complexity to Simpleness,Stability to Harness

Brand new contact surface design

Fell the lightness and stable handfeel
Top-level-cube that beginners can control freely

Hidden Design

Upgraded Hidden Seam Design

Old puzzles design their seams and parting lines on the outside The seams and parting lines defect influency when the cube turns, and will make uncomfortable shakes.
GAN356 Air extends the design of GAN356. The seams and parting lines are hidden in side face, making it nice-looking and much more smooth.
So when you get a new one, you can have a very smooth handfeel without polishing the cube.

Hidden Strength Screws Joint

Feel free to break PBs

Evolved from GAN2, from 2011, edge and corner pieces are all fixed by high strength screws to ensure a strong attachment.
You can’t disassemble it without tools, it won’t fall apart even freefalls from two metres high.
It helps you to break records freely!

Upgraded Triple Edge Feet

Super Satisfying
Triple edge feet,triple corner-cutting ability.

Upgraded Circular-Square Corner feet

Circular in square, control to conquer

Upgraded from the Circular-Square corner feet design, we have triple Anti-Corner-Twist designs.

Anti-Glue Design at a Glance

We designed the Lube-Storing-Notch in the edge pieces,when after we lubricate the cube,
the notch wil store residual lube, so that the cube have plenty of lube inside,
resulting an anti-glue outcome.
With this design, you can play the cube without lubricating for a long time.

And More

Ultra-Multidirection Notch of center pieces

The classical center pieces only make notches in 4 directions.
GAN356 Air makes notches in 8 directions, you can open the caps of center pieces from all directions.

Model:GAN356 Air
Size:56*56*56mm Weight:≈ 73g
Material:ABS High Strength PC
Package:GAN BOX v2
Color:International Standard
Corner-Cut:Positive 55° Reverse 30°
Easy-Corner-Cut:Positive 50°Reverse 30°