Light to handle
Stable to be fast

GMS v2

3 kinds of magnets
Change by hand


Elasticity/Nut distance
Tuning respectively

Dual numerical IPG

Precisely lock
Stably support

Numerical varible nut

4 kinds of distance
Numerical control by hand

6 levels GTN

6 levels detent position
Fine tuning step by step

Integrated main
part with corner

Higher precision
Stabler structure

Frosted Stickerless

Stylish appearance

Super corner-cutting

Sharp Angle Easy to twist

Super Light 67g

It is the best choice for a light cube.

GAN356 X S is a product with all lightweight designs, and weighs only 67g,
achieveing the lightest handfeels. To speed up your solving with ease.

The entire
to reduce

to reduce

The thickness
to reduce

Magnet capsule
to reduce

* Compared with GAN356 X

72 styles

Super tuning system is such a fine design

GAN356 X S is equipped with 3 kinds of magnets, 6 levels elasticity and 4 kinds of nut distances,
to achieve 72 typical handfeels, with fine tuning.

GMS v2

GAN Magnetic System(GMS) upgrades into GMS v2,
with smooth magnet capsules-one capsule and three kinds of magnetic force-to tune the cube by hand smoothly.

GES Pro Dual Elasticity System

It is composed of dual numerical IPG, 6 levels GTN and numerical variable nut,
to seperately fine control 6 kinds of elasticity and 4 kinds of nut distances.

6 levels GTN

6 levels tension nut,
reverses 1 level
increases 1 level elasticity

Numerical variable nut

Ø: Installation position.
Align the lock to this point,
to tack out/put in the nut

1/2/3/4: 4 kinds of distances
the larger the number
the larger the distance

Dual numerical IPG

One shape. Super strong,
more vertical. Dual lock at shaft end,
precisely fix. Wing-shaped
support gives a stable handfeel.

Four Leading Crafts

Each One is Super1

From inside to outside, its craft brings up the outstanding quality
and stable handfeel of GAN356 X S, which is stunning and surprising.

Frosted stickerless

Amazing appearance,
anti-scratched and anti-fingerprints property.

All hidden locked clips design

Super high strength,
seamless inner shell, and easy to twist.

Double contact surface design.
Honeycomb+slides, permanently smooth.

Integrated main part with cornerHigh precision, less wear,
and stably durable handfeel.

Super corner-cuttingSuper anti-twistSuper anti-pop

Super partner

Optimized curves are better in corner-cutting performance.
Classical edge feet inherit the performances of anti-pop and anti-twist. Super speedsolving property speeds your solving up.


The choice of the world champion

4 consecutive world championships Full support from GAN GURUS team

Feliks Zemdegs

Take the crown
twice in Las Vegas 2013
and in Sao Paulo 2015

Max Park

Scooped the top
prize in Paris 2017

Philipp Weyer

Walked off with the
prize in Melbourne 2019

2 Editions Availables

Half bright stickers/67g

Full bright stickerless/68g

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Safe material Environmental Health

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