GAN354 M  See the Force

As Powerful as Lightning


Size Smaller Fits Better

The whole new size of the 3x3 cube, 54mm,
brings smaller impression and moreflexible handfeels,
Specially designed for One-Handed cubers and younger cubers.


Magnets will be Perfectly positioned

The innovated magnet positioning technology—GAN magnet capsule(GMC),
is now introduced into GAN 3x3 cubes. No hand positioning, glued magnets any more.
The magnet capsules are precisely capped into the notches in pieces,
therefore the magnets will all be perfectly placed.

Visible Magnets Forces with You

The magnets forces are not hidden any more.
48 GAN Magnet Capsules are all visible now,
You can see your magnets at one sight.
Avoid any magnets felt/lose problems.

The new GES v3

4 Elastic options with GES v3 Easier tuning for best handfeels

With the GAN Elastic System, easier to tune the elastic forces.
The GAN354 M built up with upgraded GES v3,
coordinated with bigger contact surface and lighter IPG v5 core. Resulting smoother elastic force.
Meanwhile, 4 typical elastic forces is available to easily choose.

Easier open box

All Symmetric Locked Clips Design

Stable and Flawless

GAN354 M with all Symmetric Locked Clips Design,
upgraded strength and joints.
No cracks between joints,
the cube becomes stabler and looks better.

Corner Pieces

High strength clips lockup,no deform
under press, hidden clips joints.

Edge Pieces

Strengthened GAN Magnets
Capsule, more stable.

S feets

Non-valving design with high strength,
stable lockup joining between all pieces.

Six-Color Clips

Full-Bright Six-Color Clips

3 years passed,
stickerless GAN 3X3 cube back again!
With all symmetric lockup joints,
resulting same color inside(black),
Six-Color outside.
Thus the cube is special and is easier to look.

Honeycomb Contact Surface

Larger extended area More endurable lubrication

Originated from GAN,
the Honeycomb Contact Surface is applied and upgraded on the GAN354 M .
Better arrangement, higher cover area from pieces to feets,
more endurable lubrication and smoother handfeels.

Fillet Curve

The best Corner-Cutting
The best Performance

Optimized again and again,
results the best Corner Cutting of GAN354 M .

Still performs good with toughest angles.

Classic Corner Feets

Better feets Better turning

Circle inside square outside of corner feels,
super anti-Corner-Twist;
Triple feets design of edge feets,
super anti-Pop.