Defines good looks,
dictates astonishing speed

The GAN249 v2 has a 49mm³ size, a patented fitted tile design, and a primary color core. It’s really fast and has even better looks, and only weighs 52 grams.

Brighter and Faster to Master

The GAN249 v2 tiles have a totally new color scheme, it’s brighter than the v1, making a better perspective.

Higher qualities and smoother handfeels

The GAN249 v2 has better corner-cutting performance.

Patented tiles clips, stable and agile

Totally new patented L type tiles clips, they are stably inlaid to adapt to fast turning and reduce lockups.

The cube that makes you love solving 2x2

GAN originated honeycomb contact surface design, it makes the lube last longer and the handfeel more comfortable.

Easily tuned with GANs Core

GAN249 v2 comes with the patented GAN IPG(Iron-Plastic Ganscore) and can be easily tuned.

Super Powered by magnets

The GAN249v2M has a perfect mix of magnetic forces and elastic forces. 48 precisely-placed 3*1.5 magnets inside make it easier to control the power of the cube with magnetic forces.