52g, full-fitted tiles / light and beautiful

Brand: GAN
Type: GAN249 / GAN249M
Size: 49mm*49mm*49mm
Material: ABS

Full tiles: strong and beautiful

The GAN249's unique design with flawlessly fitted tiles gives the cube strength and aesthetic fullness.

52g: easy to control

The cube's lightness brings an impressive handfeel and improved turning speed. At 52 grams, the GAN249 is pleasantly light.

The GAN249 uses the IPG core familiar from GAN 3x3s

The patented IPG core (Iron-Plastic GANcore) is introduced in this 2x2 for the very first time. The improved turning is easily noticeable, in fast yet controllable movement.

The cube comes in a new size of 49mm

Produced with pride and meticulous care by GAN

Comfort positioning
Faster and stabler

48 pieces of 3x1 magnets,
precise positioning for every turn

Pure handcraft, made all by heart

Every magnet of GAN249M are placed precisely, making the cube stable